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With Winter Storm “Q” fast approaching, we would like residents of the City of Lowell to be armed with information. Because the snow will be wet and heavy, there is a strong possibility of downed branches, or even more serious, downed electrical wires and other electrical issues.

National Grid has provided us with specific numbers for Lowell residents to call in the event of an electrical issue during the storm.

Priority 1: 1-877- 247- 3604

  • Life-threatening or imminent danger – An event in which utility equipment is preventing emergency response personnel from performing rescue efforts and/or administering first-aid treatment to a person or persons who may be injured or in danger of being injured.

Priority 2 & 3: 1-888- 424-2448

  • Hindering Emergency Operation – An event in which utility equipment is preventing emergency response personnel from responding to an emergency situation which is not considered life threatening, yet requires the attention of emergency response personnel.
  • Non-Threatening Electrical Hazard – No power, line down, tree down, gas odor, crew standing by.

Verizon customers may also contact Verizon directly to report service outages at 1-800-VERIZON (1-800-837-4966) or online at www.verizon.com/support.

Keep warm and stay safe!

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The City of Lowell has completed its purchase of over 5,000 streetlights from National Grid. Consequently, city officials anticipate substantial savings in electricity expenses as the city will be billed at the lower S-5 Customer-Owned Equipment Rate. In addition, repair and maintenance of the streetlights is expected to be more efficient as the city contracts out basic maintenance services.

“Our goals in purchasing these fixtures were to increase safety, decrease repair response times and control costs,” said City Manager Bernie Lynch. “Already we have seen substantial savings. In 2008 our streetlight energy account was budgeted at $870,000. This year it is $350,000.”

The city has entered into a contract with Coviello Electric, Inc. to maintain and repair malfunctioning light fixtures. Coviello will have a crew in the city every Thursday repairing lights reported out during the previous week.

Residents can report an outage directly through the city’s web page by going to www.lowellma.gov and clicking on the yellow “Report a Street Light Outage” banner.

That will link directly to a simple report form.   It’s helpful to include the Pole # if possible.  Below are examples of where the pole number can be found on aluminum poles and on wooden poles.

Once filled out, forms will be automatically forwarded to the city’s Public Works Electrical Division which will be responsible for forwarding requests to and coordinating follow up with Coviello Electric.

Some lights, such as the downtown Victorian fixtures, will continue to be maintained by the city’s electrical crews. Spotlights that were installed on street light poles at the request of private property owners by National Grid for the purpose of illuminating private property will continue to be maintained by National Grid.

“We’re excited with this new approach to maintaining our streetlight system and to the dual benefits of safer streets and lower utility costs,” said Lynch.



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