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Portadam Cover 5-12-14

The Port-A-Dam deployed across the Rosemont side of the Beaver Brook bridge.

On Tuesday May 20 and Wednesday May 21 a City flood emergency team will conduct a flood training exercise.  The team, with members from Fire, Public Works and Wastewater, will do a dry run installation of both the stop log wall and the Port-A-Dam systems on opposite sides of the bridge over Beaver Brook on Martin and Beaver Streets.

The stop log wall system was built by the Army Corps of Engineers as part of the dike system on the Centralville side of the brook.  The Port-A-Dam system was purchased by the City in 2009 and is used on the Pawtucketville bank to help protect the Rosemont neighborhood.

“While we hope that these temporary dams never again need to be utilized, it is important that our flood response team conduct regular training on their installation,” said City Manager Kevin Murphy.  “Should the need arise, we will be prepared to respond and install these dams quickly to minimize damage to our neighborhoods.”

During these exercises the Beaver Brook bridge and approaches will be closed to through traffic from 9:15 a.m. to 1 p.m. as team members prepare, install and dismantle the structures.

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Important notice to the City of Lowell’s residents and businesses regarding heavy rainfall, winds, and flooding.

Updated as of 3/15/2010 @ 2:18pm

Please Note:

Water level projections for the Merrimack River indicate potential flooding within the City.  The City of Lowell is carefully coordinating with various organizations to stay abreast of the situation and will update this site as additional information becomes available. 

As of this update, please be advised that:

  • As a precautionary measure to help minimize flooding: (1) A flood barrier stop log wall is being deployed on Beaver St, and (2) the Port-a-Dam is being deployed on the opposite side of the bridge on Martin St.
  • All of the City’s bridges, water supply, electrical supply, and sewage system remain safe and stable.
  • The City does not anticipate the need to open an emergency shelter at this time.  If the need for one is necessary, details will be listed here

Effective at 5:00 p.m. today March 15th 2010, the city will activate its Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to more effectively coordinate the city’s response to problems caused by the heavy rainfall, winds, and flooding.  The EOC will be staffed with personnel representing several city departments, i.e. police, fire, DPW, etc.  Any person having a storm or flood related emergency should call 911.  All non-emergency inquiries related to severe weather/flood conditions are being directed to call the EOC at 978-970-4052.  The city will be updating the City of Lowell website regularly with weather/flood information.

Rain induced flooding has caused several city roadways to be closed.  The following roads have been closed due to flooding:

1)      Newhall Sreet is still flooded not blocked

2)      570 Princeton Boulevard still blocked by “horses”

3)      West Aldea Street still blocked by “horses”

4)      Blackbrook Drive still blocked by “horses”

5)      59 Pratt Avenue still closed to Princeton Boulevard with “horses”

6)      Princeton Boulevard closed from Baldwin Street to Hadley Street

7)      The Beaver Brook Bridge on Martin Street is closed

Alternate routes of travel should be used.  Check back at the City of Lowell website for updates.

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