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The email boxes of city employees will look a little emptier with the end of the annual food drive, but the donation truck food drive 4looks better than ever! City offices have been participating in friendly competition to raise food donations for the Merrimack Valley Food Bank. Naturally, in the spirit of competition the prizes included housing the coveted “City Hall Challenge Trophy,” a DD gift card and of course bragging rights.

The Top 3 winners were:

Team “Can Collect,” Treasury Department, with a total of 465 cans

Team “Forever Young,” Council on Aging and Veterans Administration, with a total of 381 cans

Team “Works Well,” Career Center, with a total of 225 cans

and runner up “Develop they Can,” the Department of Planning and Development

food drive 5food drive 3The biggest achievement however, came from the raising of 1440 items for the food bank and helping our city.  Thank you to everyone who donated! Every can counts!

If you’d like to get more information on how to help visit http://mvfb.org/how-to<-help/ there you can find information on having your own fund drives, food donations and volunteering.

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The Lowell Sun has recently conducted an interview with the City of Lowell’s Data Management Analyst, Conor Baldwin and brings good news about the programs in Lowell.  The interview goes on to speak about the achievements Baldwin and Rodney Conley have had since Baldwin took his new position as a data management analyst.  Conley, who is the junior data management analyst for the City of Lowell, has become a great asset for Baldwin.

The article titled “Driving City Decisions with LowellSTAT” by Sun staff reporter Lyle Moran, goes on to promote the success of programs such as the LowellSTAT, Numbers 4 Neighborhoods, and SeeClixFix.

Read more at http://www.lowellsun.com/news/ci_25140581/driving-city-decisions-lowellstat to see the full interview with Baldwin.

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