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As part of the Manager’s Neighborhood Impact Initiative/Back Central, five ornamental trees were recently planted in Fr. Grillo Park.

Fr. Grillo Park Trees 4This gem of a green space in the Back Central neighborhood is maintained by Adopt an Island participants Chris and Diane Geggis.  The new Kwanzan Cherry trees will provide a dramatic mid-spring display of pink blossoms and, as they grow, increasing shade for this highly visible park at the junction of Central and Chapel Streets.

More trees will be planted as part of ongoing efforts in the Back Central Initiative area.  In addition, the extension of Richmond Avenue is expected to be complete soon and will improve access and security for Rotary Club Park and for the park’s successful community garden project.

Even more trees will be planted as part of the currently underway East Pawtucketville/West Acre initiative.

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Spring has finally arrived with warm and sunny weather—or will soon, we hope.  Which means that Lowell’s Adopt an Island Program will soon launch another season.

Eastham Circle-Provencher 4Volunteer organizations and citizens will be out helping to beautify green spaces along roadsides, at intersections and in parks across the City. From Fr. Grillo Park to Fr. Maguire Park and from Holtham Square to Dover Square to Kiggins Square, dedicated and creative volunteers will again transform dozens of public spaces into attractive, welcoming “oases” across the City.

Adopters’ efforts include a range of activities from basic mowing, weeding and litter control to more extensive endeavors such as the planting and watering of flower beds.  The City provides mulch and a sign recognizing the efforts of the island’s Adopter.
Hosford Square (6)

For more information on the program and how you can get involved, please click here or contact Henri Marchand, assistant to the City Manager at hmarchand@lowellma.gov or (978) 674-1002.

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Earlier this year, we began publicizing the wonderful work our adopters put into our Adopt-an-Island program.  They all work extremely hard to ensure we can effectively display Lowell’s splendor.

This week, we travel to Central Street where LowellBank has developed their adopted island.  It is located where Central meets with Middlesex and Gorham and is complimented by a beautiful “Welcome to Lowell” sign.

LowellBank has truly made their work one that is enjoyed by all.  Not only have they kept up with the weeding and clean-up, but they also have added seasonal displays. 

LowellBank colleagues Patty Koczera and Michael Breda proudly stand  by their company’s masterpiece while a photo is taken.

If you or someone you know would like to adopt your own island, contact Henri Marchand in the City Manager’s Office at HMarchand@lowellma.gov.

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This is the latest in our ongoing series highlighting the residents, businesspeople and others who participate in the Adopt an Island program.  Adopters volunteer their time, talents and resources to transform traffic circles, triangles, squares and corner crescents into attractive and welcoming public spaces.

This week we visit the Belvidere neighborhood where Frank Provencher’s Lowell pride welcomes travelers along Rogers Street at its intersection with Boylston and Fairmount.

Frank has been maintaining two Eastham Circle islands for about 5 years.  Last year he also took on the island at Rogers and Nesmith Streets, adding flower planters to the concrete island.

“It’s beneficial to the neighborhood and the city,” says Frank who encourages everybody to contribute to the city’s streetscape by working on their properties.

If you happen to be passing one of Frank’s islands, let him and his gardeners know you appreciate their work in making this busy intersection a stunning entryway to the city.

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Residents, businesspeople and others are participating in the Adopt an Island program and helping to brighten traffic circles, triangles, squares and corner crescents across the City.

Over the next few months we’ll highlight these islands and the people who volunteer their time and talents to transform them into attractive and welcoming public spaces.

We begin at the corner of Mammoth Road and Woodward Avenue where the Erickson family–Corey and Gayle and daughters Jessica and Hannah–maintains the large flower bed located in Fr. Maguire Park in memory of Gayle’s mother.  They plant annuals to complement the shrubs and perennials and keep the plants watered.  They also make sure the shrubs are trimmed and weeds and litter kept at bay.

“The City’s Adopt an Island Program was foremost, a way to rededicate our love to an amazing person no longer with us,” says Corey.  “It was a great effort we hope continues with dedication… the very best and most local of ways to illustrate the significance of greenspace preservation, community pride & positive neighborhood influence.  We enjoy the partnership!”

If you happen to see them at work on the island, give them a shoutout of thanks for their work keeping this Pawtucketville corner looking great.

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